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We wish everyone a beautiful Memorial Day weekend.  


The Ukrainian children and young adults who arrived at Pro Vita in a transfer from an overcrowded Romanian institution in Baicoi are settling in, but they still have not been accepted in the special needs school in Valenii de Munte.  As the Romanian school year ends in mid-June, the bureaucratic foot-dragging appears to postpone their attendance until the next school year starts in September.  Having been in Romania for over a year, they are picking up the language but miss the friends they made during their stay in Baicoi.

The Tanases have received the FINAL authorization to begin building the new house adjacent to the Social Center.  Construction should begin ithis month.  This much-needed facility will house the Ukrainian adolescents currently living in the Admin Center in Valenii de Munte.

The recent second running of 4Wheels4Children (weekend ATV scramble) raised enough money to fund the long-overdue renovation of the playground at Valea Screzii.  

The chicks given to Andrei Tanase for Easter 2022 have multiplied exponentially, are laying many eggs, and a few have been sacrificed for dinner.

Cristina has finished high school in Valenii de Munte, is preparing for the BAC exam, and hoping to attend the University of Bucharest next fall.


WE ARE OVERJOYED TO THANK THE UKRAINIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH OF THE U.S. (UOC) for their exceptionally generous donation recently.  It is the largest gift AFPVO has ever received and will be used to complete the new house, and ensure it is staffed and furnished appropriately.

We want to thank our other donors:  New: the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the U.S., Anonymous, Anonymous,  Susan L., and our Sustaining donors— Cristian T., Jamie & Beth M., John & MaryBeth F., and Wendell B.    Many thanks to all of you.

Thanks to Anonymous, we recently learned that PayPal has a Giving Fund that does NOT impose any service charge on your donations.  AFPVO will get the full amount — for example, $100.00 instead of the $96.02, which is the amount AFPVO actually receives.  The Board has been covering the difference, giving donors the full amount of their tax-deductible gift  made via PayPal.  To  use the Giving Fund, log on to PayPal, go to Send and receive donations, search for American Friends of Pro Vita Orphanage, Inc. and donate your chosen amount.  Please also check the box for “Share my name and email with this charity” so we know who to thank.  This is just an option for you vice sending a check directly to AFPVO or using regular PayPal.

Unfortunately, Romanian donations, both in-kind and in cash continue to be very low in comparison to pre-COVID levels.  This year’s tax forms have been submitted which allows Romanian taxpayers to designate Pro Vita as the recipient of a percentage  of tax dollars — like  the United Way combined with the IRS.

Board Member, Kerry Garikes is looking for a Web developer to design and re-host an updated AFPVO website.  This will be a paid activity.  If you are interested or can recommend a good Web developer, please contact Kerry directly at

Again, we encourage everyone receiving this Newsletter to consider making a donation to AFPVO to help provide a financial lifeline to the Pro Vita staff as they continue to welcome new Romanian beneficiaries as well as the Ukrainian refugees.  We cannot allow a lack of funding to curtail the incredible work being done at Pro Vita.  Please contact any Board member with questions and/or concerns.

Fr. Sean Cavanaugh, Chairman

Donna Shelton, President

Frank Doe, Treasurer

Kerry Garikes, Design and Communication

Donations may be sent to:  AFPVO, 10518 Rosehaven St., Apt 306, Fairfax, VA 22030


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