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Frank Doe  and Donna Shelton have been the operational officers of AFPVO for just over a decade with Fr. Sean Cavanaugh, the founder, as its Chairman. In that time we helped restore AFPVO’s 501(c)(3) status.  Our generous donors (142 of our 200+ contacts) have enabled AFPVO to send over $200,000 to Pro Vita to assist with the following:

  • Completion of the Elder House in Valea Screzii

  • Acquisition of much-needed refrigerated storage at Valea Screzii and Valea Plopului

  • Purchased a replacement commercial stove for the Valea Screzii kitchen

  • Construction of the Social Center in Valenii de Munte, moving the teenaged beneficiaries18 kilometers to within walking distance of the High School

  • Construction of stand alone heating buildings in Valea Screzii to bring all the housing into compliance with fire and safety regulations

  • Demolition and reconstruction of the 1910 police station in Valenii de Munte to create an Admin/IT Center (currently re-purposed as housing for Ukrainian teenagers)

  • Acquisition and refurbishment of additional properties to accommodate needy families

  • Acquisition/repair of several vehicles to transport the school-aged beneficiaries from Valea Screzii and Valea Plopului to schools in Valenii de Munte

  • Currently we have over $50,000 set aside to build a house for Ukrainian teenagers on the Social Center property

  • Most recently, sent funding to address increased monthly expenses including the care for the Ukrainian residents - teenagers and elderly

In addition to this financial lifeline, Fr. Sean and other faculty members at St. Stephen and St. Agnes School (SSSAS) in Alexandria, VA have taken groups of students to Pro Vita almost every Spring for Service Week,  The students have mixed and poured concrete for building projects, planted several hundred apple saplings, shared their time and skills with children and adults of all ages, and absorbed invaluable life lessons living and working at Pro Vita.

There is also the intangible impact of knowing that AFPVO and its supporters are committed to the operational success and growth of Pro Vita.  Annual visits by Board and family members demonstrate that commitment to the residents, the staff, and the Directors. 

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