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Just a brief note with a real Newsletter promised next month.

Frank and Donna, accompanied by their niece, Dr. Phyllis Shelton, are flying to Pro Vita on April 25. They will spend a few days assessing the refugee situation and planning for the future.  Wish we had a crystal ball as this war appears to worsening and going on for the foreseeable future.  They will visit other eastern European countries while they are abroad, returning May 11.

Board of Directors:  We are delighted to welcome Kerry Danaher Garikes to the Board.  Kerry is an alum of St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes school and an architect in Washington, D.C.

Donations: So many of you have donated very generously in March and April.  First time donors include Alexandra & Jeff P., Karen S., Julie S., and Pamela B.. Donors who have added to their prior contributions are Leigh and Dennis M., David C., John G., Wilma D., Nancy K., Wendell B., Mary Ann S., and Sara M..  Sara was with Donna and Frank on their initial visit to Pro Vita in 2012.

Your collective support for Pro Vita and the Ukrainian refugees they are assimilating into the Pro Vita community has enabled AFPVO to forward $10,000 without emptying our bank account.  

The Gallery on our website ( has been updated with pictures from Fr. Sean’s visit in March. Check it out.

Our sincerest thanks for your sustaining commitments to AFPVO and Pro Vita, especially in this time of great need.

Glory to Ukraine! Please pray for peace.

Fr. Sean Cavanaugh, Chairman

Donna Shelton, President

Frank Doe, Treasurer and Secretary

Shelby Stowers, At Large

Kerry Garikes, At Large


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