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As 2022 draws to a close, the AFPVO Board (Sean, Donna, Frank, Kerry, and Shelby) wishes all of you the happiest of holidays and a healthy and joy-filled New Year.

A technical snag prevented us from sending a Giving Tuesday reminder after Thanksgiving, so as you contemplate your end-of-year giving choices, we want to remind you that Pro Vita needs to be at the top of your list. The combination of the economic recession in Romania and the influx of Ukrainian refugees has strained Pro Vita’s financial resources. 

A number of you have already made generous donations without any reminders.  Our many thanks to Dibby C. Wendell B., Mary Ann S., John G., Leigh and Dennis M. Adrienne F., and George T., all of whom are sustaining donors. 

We challenge the rest of you to donate at this time of need.  We recognize that many other worthy causes are bombarding you with appeals but hope that the amazing work that is going on at Pro Vita will move you to donate whatever you can afford.  To encourage your participation ALL FIRST TIME DONORS WILL BE MATCHED by the Board 2$ FOR 1$ and all returning donors will be matched 1$ for 1$ up to $10,000 through January 31, 2023.  Remember, you can contribute via check or PayPal. You may mail your checks to AFPVO, 10518 Rosehaven St., Apt 306, Fairfax. VA 22030.

Thanks to a nomination by a long-time donor, Narcis A., AFPVO is completing the paperwork to become a recognized charity by Benevity which manages a large number of employer-matching funds.  If you donate, please check if your employer works with Benevity and/or if your contribution is eligible for an employer match.

We are working with a cybersecurity firm (pro bono)  to evaluate various additional on-line alternatives for contributing to Pro Vita while ensuring the security and privacy of our donors.  Stay tuned in the New Year! 

Christmas activities are underway in Romania with the first light snowfall on 12/15, trees up and decorated, and carol-singing by the children in the various locations.  The Board has encouraged Pro Vita to obtain gifts for every child.  The Tanases expect another 25 teenage boys to arrive in January, several of whom are medically compromised and will require special protocols to be put into place.

Fr. Sean Cavanaugh, Chairman

Donna Shelton, President

Frank Doe, Treasurer and Secretary

Kerry Garikes, Communications & Design

Shelby Stowers, Member-At-Large 


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