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Updated: Mar 6

Pro Vita News:

Here are the latest demographics.- There are  currently  444 beneficiaries (residents) living at the various Pro Vita facilities.  Of those 207 are children/teens under 18 including the Ukrainian teens from Kiliya and 237 are adults , including 87 Romanian and Ukrainian elderly over 65.  Of the 444, 82 have various disabilities.  For example, all of the Ukrainian teens from Kiliya are intellectually challenged with autism or similar neurological disabilities.  This count changes rapidly, usually upward as Mihail Tanase’s cellphone seems to be on speed dial for all emergency placements.

Donna and Frank visited Pro Vita in early November and re-engaged with many of our Ukrainian ‘kids” — Yuri, Stash, Anton, Dima, Andrei,  and Pasha as well as Romanians such as Cristina and Nicoletta, Danny, and Constantine. Most of the recreational equipment – bicycles and large trampolines — have been well-used by the active boys and need repair/replacement. It’s great to see the kids enjoying the outdoors. A water pressure failure in a house in Valea Screzii required moving 10 young children to the already crowded Social Center until water is restored. This added another ring to the existing 3-ring circus which is everyday life at the Social Center.

Mihail and Melanie are in the process of replacing departed staff with new hires.   Staff salaries are running about $14,000/month. New staffing had been on hold because it looked like all the Ukrainian teens would return to their war-torn country and resume residence in Kiliya.  That has fortunately been  delayed for now.

Overwhelmed by their ever- increasing daily responsibilities, the Tanases have added a part-time person to assist with updating the Pro Vita website and developing a series of fund-raising projects such as the 100K Marathon for the Children, traditionally occuring in June which brings competitors from throughout Europe.  Pro Vita has also re-engaged with United Planet and hosted  its first group of university volunteers in January 2024.

Financial challenges continue to be at the top of the list for the Tanases’ stress level. Romanian cash and in-kind donations continue to be lower even as population and costs have increased at Pro Vita.  Fortunately many of you have contributed generously in the recent months and our deepest thanks go to our religious donors: St. Mary Orthodox Church in Falls Church, VA, St. Mary’s Philoptochos Chapter in Minneapolis, MN; our sustaining donors: Wendell B., Ho K., Cristian T, Leigh and Dennis M.; our returning donors: Sean C., Maria M., Andra P., Steve K., Tim D., Rafael A., Adrienne F., Mary Ann S,. Barbara & Harry H., Tim & Eleanor V., Narcis A.: and new donors: Amy B-D, Matthew H.,and Joanna B.  Approximately 70% of the recipients of this Newsletter have donated in the past.  That’s an enviable statistic.  Can the remaining 30% of you trade a small  indulgence for a donation to Pro Vita in 2024?

Although Fr. Sean had planned a visit over the Christmas holiday, that was postponed as Melanie’s parents were visiting at that time and their second home was not available as guest quarters.  With luck he will go to Pro Vita later this year.

Administrative News

Our new AFPVO website is getting closer to launching.  We hope you will like it as much as we do.

Frank and Donna are moving in early February.  The new address for AFPVO correspondence and donations by check will be:


45001 Audubon Sq. Apt 507

Ashburn, VA 20147

This change is  effective 9 February 2024.

The AFPVO email remains:

The new website will have all the PayPal info as well as our new address for your reference.

Have a great Winter!

Fr. Sean Cavanaugh, Chairman

Donna Shelton, President

Frank Doe, Treasurer

Kerry Garikes, Design & Communication


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